“Latin Women of Almere” is available in 3 languages and signed by the author.

“Latin Women of Almere” is available in 3 languages and signed by the author.

It is a book for people with a migration background, for those who are interested in migration and how to start over in another country or simply want to know more about the rich Latin American culture.  The book is an artistic investigation of human diversity in a multicultural and multiethnic society.   

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Book Women of Almere

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Price € 45,-
Nederlandse Editie

NL Boek specificaties: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-831297-2-3 Titel: Latijns-Amerikaanse Vrouwen uit Almere Ondertitel: Verhalen van migranten in een nieuw land Taal: Nederlands Bindwijze: Hardcover, genaaid gebonden Formaat: 210x297mm (staand) Aantal pagina's: 188p, full-colour Binnenwerkpapier: 170gr MC Silk Coverafwerking: Glans laminaat Schutbladen: Onbedruk, 140gr HVO wit

Price € 45,-
English Edition

EN Book specifications: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-831297-1-6 Titel: Latin Women of Almere Ondertitel: Tales of migrants in a new land Taal: Engels Binding style: Hardcover, sewn-in binding Size: 210x297mm (portrait) Number of pages: 188p, full-colour Inside paper: 170gr MC Silk Cover finishing: Glossy laminate Endpapers: Unprinted, 140gr HVO white

Price € 45,-
Edición Español

ES Especificaciones del libro: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-831297-0-9 Titel: Mujeres Latinas de Almere Ondertitel: Historias de Migrantes en una nueva Tierra Taal: Neutral Latin American Spanish Especificaciones del libro: Estilo de encuadernación: Tapa dura, encuadernación cosida Tamaño: 210x297mm (retrato) Número de páginas: 188p, a todo color Papel interior: 170gr MC Silk Acabado de la cubierta: Laminado brillante Hojas finales: Sin imprimir, 140gr HVO blanco

The Book

"Latin Women of Almere", visualizes through photography and a series of inspiring stories the socio-cultural reality of migrant women and their role in the multicultural society, she now calls "home."

The stories offer a special and interesting insight into the life of a group of new Dutch citizens. Migration, integration, recognition, culturalization, identity, loss, mourning, and acceptance are recurrent themes in the accounts of migrants who have all known their moments of weakness but whose positivity drives them forward. These are stories with portraits that move, amaze, connect, and inspire. Each shows how to overcome obstacles and how to work on "starting over without forgetting our roots and identity”.

The stories depict the stories of so many immigrant women around the world. They have had to overcome multiple challenges in their migration experience and at the same time, they are committed to building a future in their host country.

The book offers hope, motivation, and inspiration to anyone who lives far from their country, and at the same time, it aims to raise awareness for what migrant women have contributed to the Netherlands, mainly to the city of Almere, which in just 44 years of existence has become a multicultural society representing 146 nationalities. The book is a bridge between cultures and a start to understanding each other.