It is unique and extraordinary that this small nation below sea level called the Netherlands is home to hundreds of nationalities and ethnic groups from all over the world and at the same time has managed to have a society that generally lives in harmony and respect.

It is even more surprising, interesting and special that the city of Almere, with only 44 years of existence, is home to 187 ethnic groups and 160 different nationalities. What makes this city so unique that in such a short time there are already so many residents from all corners of the world?  

Women of Almere 101" (One on One) is a project that aims to highlight, through a photo-report with stories, the multiculturalism and tolerance of a young and modern city called Almere. We talk about the importance of the immigrant women who make up this multi ethnic and multicultural society in which each one has her own story about how she came to this country and also about the experiences lived in this new city. 

Who are all these Almeerders? Where do they come from? And what brought them here? What do they do in their daily life and how do they contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of their city? In Almere, everyone has their own story and anecdotes; some good, some bad, some valuable and some sad. We have all left something behind in our home country and have started a new life in this country that welcomes us. What attracted us to move here and what is the life experience we have? What connects us to this society that is becoming more and more culturally diverse? What unites us? 

How do I hope to achieve my goal? In this "First Phase" I will be doing 20 portrait photography sessions with the personal history of 20 of the 160 nationalities that exist in Almere. In this first phase with women from Spanish-speaking countries.

As I have them ready, the photos will be gradually published on the website and on the blog of my photo studio with the aim of finding partners/sponsors who wish to participate and/or collaborate, as well as women who are open to sharing their story. 
If you are interested in being part of this project, please do not hesitate to contact me: